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Instruments of the Angels by Monica Leonelle [Book Review]

*Please read the ‘Info’ page first as this book was given to me*


I am back again with another eBook review. Actually, this book is still fairly new and production of hardbacks aren’t available (and started) yet so I was given the digital copy instead. I’m getting used to reading eBooks now, it’s so much better now that I have an iPad to use!

“Brie van Rossum is still recovering from her mother’s death when she discovers that she is a Hallow, a descendant of humans and archangels.

But she’s not just any Hallow. She’s one of the last daughters of Michael—like Milena, her mother. And now, she doesn’t know which of her new supernatural acquaintances she can trust.

As she pulls back the veil on the supernatural world, she learns that not only has she inherited Milena’s powers, but her enemies as well—and now that Milena’s protection has worn off, those enemies are headed toward her to wipe out the daughters of Michael for good.

Untrained and unsure of herself, she must navigate her mother’s omissions and half-truths to keep her identity secret, unite her allies, and most importantly, stay alive.”

Instruments of the Angels

Before I start with the real review, I do want to say some things first: When I got this book, I didn’t have high expectations at all. I’ve read books about angels and demons set in Urban Fantasy (The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) and since the books I’ve read are kind of considered the best of the best in that particular genre, I thought reading ‘Instruments of the Angels’ would be boring. Thankfully, I was wrong and am glad because I actually did end up liking this book!

To begin with, the plot is typical; main character is super unique and born with incredible powers that enemies are willing to kill her for and all that sort of thing. Also, there’s going to be a war (Angels vs Demon) but that wasn’t covered in the first book, it was just mentioned. There’s also the ‘seeing what others can’t see’ thing going on here, which reminded me of TMI. So really, there isn’t anything spectacular about the plot. It was just decent.

The characters, I really did enjoy! What made me happy was that the book didn’t have a typical 15-year-old main character. Even though the plot was typical, the characters weren’t so it made everything so much better. One thing that stood out among all the characters in this book was that they actually used common sense. I know it sounds stupid, but there are SO many YA books with characters who do not think at all and immediately do something stupid. So I was glad to read about characters who actually use their brains to think like normal people do. What I did want though is more details on the characters; history especially. Interactions between characters were good and I also like their unique personalities but I do think more details were needed about the characters.

Instruments of the Angels

The world building was decent. I was surprised that this story was set in Hawaii because most Urban Fantasy books are set in New York or London. I was excited it was something different, but disappointed that there weren’t a lot of details about the surrounding areas. We do get to see the Underworld too and it was better in details although it had a small scene in the book.

Writing was actually okay too, but I don’t know if it was just my copy or something, but there were grammatical errors here and there…maybe just typos? I’m not so sure. I like how the conversations between characters were written and how simple it was to follow the story. But again, I needed more details, it would’ve added more depth to the story.

Overall, I rated this book 4/5 stars on Amazon. It’s actually a good and interesting story but it really lacked details. Also, the book is incredibly short. It felt more like a novella than a ‘first book in the series’. I don’t mind continuing this series though, but I want more details!


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