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Dawn of Dreams by Bronwyn Leroux [Book Review]


Please read the ‘Info’ page before reading the full review of ‘Dawn of Dreams’ as this book was offered to me by the author herself, Bronwyn.

I am back again with another book offer that I’ll be reviewing here! Since my ACOWAR book isn’t here yet, I decided to read this book while waiting for it. As usual, I have reviewed the book on Amazon and will be posting a more detailed review here.

Dawn of Dreams by Bronwyn Leroux.jpg

The description of the story:

“Jaden and Kayla’s lives couldn’t be more different. It’s 2073 and the two strangers are living worlds apart. Then something strange and terrifying brings them together. No one can see the hideous, malevolent creature but them.

As if that wasn’t enough, the two discover that the beast stalking them isn’t the only thing they have in common. Venturing further down the path they have been forced onto, they join forces with strange and unusual comrades, suffer attacks from enemies beyond their imagination and begin unraveling the complex mystery of their mission.

But discovering the answers to their questions comes with a price. Their lives will be forever changed. In a world on the verge of destruction, can this unlikely couple find a way to save it, all while trying to make sense of this inexplicable connection they feel for each other?”

As you can see, the plot is quite similar to paranormal books about how some characters can see some things that others cannot. And as usual, the characters are ‘destined’ to save the world from the threat that looms their world and blablabla. I was intrigued at first, but sadly, the plot fell short throughout the book. The real story didn’t kick in ’til the second half of the book. Even the buildup to the real story was boring and unnecessary. Also, the plot shifted to focus more on the ‘love story’ that was really forced and didn’t feel natural. It felt as if the author was trying really hard for the readers to ship the main characters. So, the two supposed highlights of the book didn’t sit well with me.

The writing itself was okay, but I did find some problems with it: yes it’s good that it was descriptive and informative but the details were at the wrong places! I didn’t like how, as a reader, we read every single step of what the character did on the same routine, for example: waking up, looking around the room (and describing it), sitting in the living room (and describing everything again) and so on. The details at these parts made the book super slow-paced and it was SO annoying! Yet, when we came to the real story, it wasn’t as informative?! I felt it was too vague at some parts.


The world building was decent. It was good at first because of how descriptive the writing was in the beginning, it was quite vivid. As the story progressed, fewer details were given to the surroundings. Yes, the story is in 2073, but sadly there weren’t a lot of descriptions on how the world is like. We get to read about the technologies, yes, but not so much on the world itself.

Lastly, the characters. I like how healthy the relationships were between the characters. It was surprisingly well-mannered, actually. There was not even one bad character…which made it weird. It felt too perfect actually, especially how the family members interact with each other. They were so cheerful and loving that it just made me feel like “wow, that’s too perfect”. So, honestly, it felt weird. But it’s good to see that the author just wants everyone to have a healthy relationship.

That’s it for my review! I rated this book 3/5 so it means it’s just a decent book. I have to say, this book should target a younger audience. I’m quite used to reading more mature books so when I read this book, I was.. surprised. Anyway, it wasn’t wholly bad!


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