221 BC: Scroll One of the Narmer War Trilogy by Kendall Price with Laura Vosika [Book Review + Excerpt!]

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Before you read this whole post, please visit the ‘Info‘ tab on the top of my page. This book was given to me by the agent on the condition that I review it. However, my reviews (as always!) are my honest thoughts 🙂

Description of the book is as follows;

“Set against the backdrop of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, an alternate history unfolds, linking the power of the pharaohs to magic.

Brother is pitted against brother in a race to find twelve amulets, lost with the ancient pharaoh, and unlock their powers. Whoever holds the amulets holds that power; to save the world…or destroy it.”

As you can see, this is a historical fiction book. Personally, I do not read a lot of historical fictions because I usually lean towards more to the genre of ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Romance’, but I have always wanted to read a bit of history! So when the opportunity was in front of me, I decided to take it.

Just like my other book reviews, I usually review based on 4 main things; Writing, Content, Characters and World building.

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As I said, I have read a bit of historical fictional books. What I noticed about these books is that the writings are slightly different; in the sense that the authors try to relate the readers with the story by using a language that was used back in those times. For example, the Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare was set in the Victorian Era. So the things and words which are used in that Era are mentioned in the book; no such thing as ‘modern’ slang. However for this particular book… I was surprised to know that the writing is very, very casual. Too casual to my liking, to be honest. It felt like the authors themselves were just telling the story of the book to me in person, instead of trying to transport me to another world and try to live the experiences of the characters. Thus for me, the writing did not have that ‘pulling’ effect.

For the content, as usual, it is about war and dominance and of course, a family feud. Also, since the story takes place in Ancient Egypt, there are things like curses, magical amulets, marriages between siblings etc. From the beginning, the plot of the story was quite clear. You can imagine where the story will take you but that also brings in another negative: it gets quite predictable. Authors use the same foundation over and over again and if you read a lot of books, you can expect what will happen next. What makes certain authors stand out is that they have their own twist. Unfortunately, this felt more like a textbook to me. While I do think the content did have some potential, but the fact that it was executed poorly turned me off.

Linking with the content, the world building was poor. To be exact, there wasn’t any world building at all. No description of how the place looked except for basic descriptions like “white columns of the temple”.

The characters, I have mixed feelings on this. First of all, before you start the book, the first 20 pages are Glossary terms and the characters. 20 pages, my friends. I started skimming through cause I thought we would be introduced to the characters properly once the real story started… I was wrong, we weren’t introduced to the characters. As I was reading, I really thought eventually we would be introduced but we only get “Hi my name is A and this is my role”. So again, lack of content. However, despite the numerous characters found in this book, the characters were alright. They really did depict how people in the Ancient Era would act, that is, the way they think, dress, act etc. So that was good to keep me going!

pol - final (2)

All in all, Paul would not recommend this book. There is a foundation in this book, but it was not carried out well. Personally, details are needed. Just because the core of the story is there, but without details, it really will not suffice.

Paul rates this as 2/5 stars.

If you are interested, here is an excerpt:



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